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metal building depot bolt together building roofing supplies tx
Our metal building systems are easy bolt-together construction, saving erection time and money. TXBRS offers a turn key job for your metal building or as little as supplying the materials for your building. We have our own roll forming machine to roll out "R", PBR, "U" and PBU panels, that can be cut to the customers specifications.
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pbu pbr panels ul building roofing supplies tx
Wall and roof panels offer the building user a choice of the best of exterior finishes: Galvalume an aluminum-zinc alloy-coated steel panel, color coated panels, or a superior silicon-polyester painted finish (which is available with a 20 year limited warranty).
R, U, PBR, PBU - See our color chart.

haworth txbrs class PBR: Metal Roof Deck Panels as to Uplift Resistance Class 90 as shown by Construction No. (s) 54, 79, 104, 161, 167, 184, 542 Class 30 or 90 as shown by Construction No. 30

PBU: Metal Roof Deck Panels as to Uplift Resistance Class 30 or 60 as shown by Construction No. 12 Class 90 as shown by Construction No. 39/p>


trim profiles building roofing supplies tx
See our trim profile chart.


corrugated metal panels building supplies tx
24" wide panels

  • 3/8" rib - 29ga Galvalume or Galvanized
  • 1/2" rib - 26ga and 29ga Galvalume and Galvanized
32" wide panel

  • 7/8" rib - 26ga Galvalume or Galvanized


die form caps building roofing supplies tx
Available for "R" panel only
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metal building insulation supplies tx
Texas Building & Roofing Supplies, Inc. offers two basic metal building insulation products. Fiberglass insulation for your metal building, from 3" to 8" thick, providing for R-10 to R-30 ratings. Fiberglass insulation has a reinforced backing-eliminating the need for chicken wire support-saving you labor and money. Low E foam insulation (pictured in photo at right) is 1/4" thick with foil back and provides an R-7 rating. It also features a highly reflective backing creating a radiant barrier for superior insulation in hot climates. Both products are easily installed and offer big savings in energy costs.

Insulation provides many benefits such as improved appearance, greater comfort, noise control and a substantial reduction in fuel costs. Today's high energy costs have made insulation a critical consideration during any construction planning. An insulation system that is properly selected and professionally installed will return more on its investment than any other building component.

In order to avoid over or under insulating, it is important to determine the most effective thickness for your building.

SEALED TO PERFECTION Insulation is installed around the eave strut (as shown in the illustration at right) and together with standard closure strips and mastic, your metal building is well protected against harsh weather conditions.
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deck tites building roofing supplies tx
EDPM Gray (-65 degree to 250 degrees) or Silicone Red Hi-Temp (-100 degree to 450 degrees)

  • outside pipe diameter 3/4" - 2"
  • outside pipe diameter 1-3/4" - 3-1/4"
  • outside pipe diameter 1/4" - 5"
  • outside pipe diameter 3" - 6-1/4"
  • outside pipe diameter 4-1/4" - 7-1/2"
  • outside pipe diameter 5" - 9"
  • outside pipe diameter 6" - 11"
  • outside pipe diameter 7" - 13"
  • outside pipe diameter 10" - 19"
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Steel building ventilation accessories supplies tx
Steel building ventilation accessories include from; 3' x 3' standard louvers with AZ-55 galvalume, 9" x 10' standard roof ventilators with optional bird screens and standard round ventilators with excellent air volume movement with bird screen cover in 20" or 24" diameter throat openings.

  • Vent w/ damper - 9" x 10'
  • Vent with out damper - 9" x 10'


sky lights TX building roofing supplies tx
The Texas Building & Roofing Supplies, Inc. sky light is an economical method of allowing natural lighting into your building. Sky Lights are commonly used for wall applications in lieu of roof. The sky lights are field installed with self-drilling screws and 3/8" grommet seal fasteners (field drilling required). The sky lights are available in 5'-0" and 10'-0" nominal lengths as a standard. The panel at the end of any wall with sky lights will be a full height metal panel for better corner trim attachment.
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window aluminum windows for metal buildings tx
The Texas Building & Roofing Supplies, windows are an extruded aluminum frame unit designed specifically for metal building use. The window comes completely assembled for ease of installation. The window is self-flashing. The head and sill trim are factory attached to the window frame. The universal jamb pieces are "snapped" in place without the use of fasteners and work well with all TXBRS standard panel profiles. The window frame features a 1/4" polyurethane thermal barrier and the windows are glazed with 3/4" insulated glass. Sizes are: 4'w x 3'h window, 6'w x 3'h window, 1'w 7'h windows. The window finish is prime painted and finished with a white or bronze paint. The windows are individually crated for shipping.
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walk doors building roofing supplies tx
Walk doors can be provided as pre-assembled or knock down (field assembled). Texas Building & Roofing Supplies, Inc. provides solid doors for both options in the following sizes: 3070, 4070, and 6070. The walk doors are typically keyed alike per project. Because of unknown variables, Texas Building & Roofing Supplies, Inc. does not offer fire rated doors or doors to fit in masonry.
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Other Items Available
  • Closures: R, U, PBR, PBU, Corrugated
  • Screws: Woodgrip, Self Drillers, Laps and Rivets
  • Caulk: 10oz tubes. Colors: Clear, White, Aluminum Gray, Light Stone, Saddle Tan, Desert Sand, Cocoa Brown, Charcoal Gray, Ash Gray, Rustic Red, Burnish Slate, Fern Green, Colony Green, Evergreen, RP 400 Roof Cement
  • Lead Roof Jacks: 1-1/2", 2", 3" & 4"

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